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secure-in-love-philosophyMy philosophy

I believe that romantic relationships are full of potential. When you are willing to take risks and open yourself up you will begin to see how your love life is directly proportionate to these choices. When you can learn to trust someone will be there for you and if you are willing to take a chance, doors can open to new relationships. What you’ve learned both in your family of origin and in your relationships all contribute to who you are today as a romantic partner.

My role is to guide you on a path towards being secure in love. Together we will use a combination of two proven psychological theories: Attachment Theory, which uncovers your love style and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) which challenges your negative thoughts and helps you to turn them into positive thoughts.

Learning and understanding these two theories will help you to understand how you became the person you are today and guide you to understand what you need to grow into the secure adult who is ready for a committed relationship.

The influence of your mindset is very powerful. Consider these two statements: “I don’t deserve love” or “I have a lot to offer in love”.  Which one sounds more positive? When you understand the power of positivity you will see the positive changes in your outcomes.

If your strongest desire is to have a great romantic relationship while improving your health, your mood, and your life, start here today by understanding Your Love Style and Your Partner’s Love Style.

My bio

Hi, I’m Diane Strachowski; many people call me Doctor Diane. I have an undergraduate degree in Psychology a Masters in Counseling and a Doctorate in Education. I did my postdoctoral studies at Stanford, where I received advanced training in Cognitive Behavioral therapy. I’ve worked on various clinical trials doing research on empirically validated treatments for a variety of health related issues.

In the past twenty years my practice has evolved from working with patients with mood issues to becoming a relationship expert working with singles and couples. My goal is to give people the best that psychology has to offer; I know what works and the difference that a healthy relationship can make in your life.

My life’s work is to support men, women, and couples to think about themselves and their relationships differently. Your brain is the epicenter to opening your heart, science confirms that if you think positively about love you can feel and act positively. I am here, encouraging you to take a chance on love, to challenge your mindset and to help you see that you can have what you want and desire in love.

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secure-in-love-storyMy story

When people ask me WHY I became a psychologist, I tell them –The Peanuts cartoons. I was obsessed with Snoopy; the first book I learned to read was ‘Happiness Is a Warm Puppy.’ I also had sheets with a picture of Lucy. I read her sign ‘Psychiatric Help 5 cents’ every night before drifting off to sleep. The Peanuts characters inspired my career as a psychologist and my goal to help as many people as I can to find happiness in love.

My education and career came as a natural fit; however, one of my biggest struggles was finding my own romantic relationship. As a working professional, I didn’t have time and assumed love would naturally find me. I was better at helping others find love than I was at helping myself.

At the age of 40, I decided to get serious about my search for love. I looked for resources and people to help me. When a popular author suggested I light a pink candle to find love, I thought-surely, there must be better advice?

I decided to take dating into my own hands and started using the same techniques that worked with my clients. I applied Cognitive Behavioral Techniques turned my thinking around and created a structured dating plan. I’m happy to report I found my husband six months later.

I share my personal story with you to offer you hope. I understand the struggle and I know how I felt then, the more I wanted it the more elusive it felt. I have felt the gift of love in my life and I want to help you find it too.

Today, I have found the balance between helping my clients find love and having a secure marriage. I enjoy the beauty of Northern California, I enjoy riding my bike, hiking, and soaking up the sun. I am involved with a number of charities, as I believe giving back is the way to express gratitude for my blessings. I host events for singles with the hope of creating a community of singles who encourage one another. I am grateful for my loving husband, my two stepsons, my friends and our cat Kirby.

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