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woman doing yoga to manage dating anxiety
Seven tips to manage dating anxiety

Dating anxiety is a real thing. See my last post for the signs and symptoms to find out if this is you. But if this you and dating anxiety is causing you to be less than thrilled about dating you are going to need some superpowers to manage it. You need tips to manage your dating…

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What is dating anxiety? Nine signs this might be you

It’s the season to get online, to start the new year re-making your profile, but the thought of dating and putting yourself out there is about as exciting as getting a root canal. You know you have to do it but you hate it anyway. Could it be that you have dating anxiety? Here are…

Woman exploring online dating apps similar to online shopping
How Online Dating Apps may be Keeping You Single

This Sunday, January 6th, 2019. more people will get online in one day than any other in the year. Are you ready? While online dating is one of the most popular ways to meet other singles, are online dating apps keeping you single? It’s not the apps but it may be your attitude about dating…

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