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confidence in dating
Attachment Theory | Dating
You know confidence is irresistible, here’s how you build yours so you’re more attractive on a date

If you ask anyone what one trait is most irresistible in dating, they will tell you ‘Confidence.’ Confidence screams, ‘I know what I want and I’m not afraid to get it.’  People want to date a confident person. A confident person walks with determination, is approachable and appears happy. Being in a relationship with a…

Attachment Theory | Dating | Love Styles
Why closure at the end of a relationship is overrated

It’s normal when a romantic relationship ends — either a slow death or through a blind side — to feel as if your heart is ripped out without anesthesia. It doesn’t matter whether your breakup happens over the phone, via text or through smoke signals. You feel spiritually and emotionally depleted. Once the shock passes,…

Love Style Profile feedback
Attachment Theory | Feedback | Understanding Your Type
Your Love Style Profile; How did I do?

I’m getting great feedback from my quiz and love style profiles, the 3 questions I’m getting are: How did I create my love style quiz and profiles? How do you know me so well? How can I comment on my profile results? 1. How did I create my quiz and profiles?   Before I created my…

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