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Does your sweetheart really know you?

Chances are if you are disappointed this Valentine’s holiday one of the most challenging questions you are asking: DOES YOUR SWEETHEART REALLY KNOW YOU? Sure you’re rolling your eyes, you think it’s a silly made up Hallmark holiday or a money making scheme crafted by greedy marketers.  I’m guessing that part of the problem is you’ve…

Communication Skills
Post-Election Depression: Yes, It’s Real. Here’s How You Can Manage It.

As a psychologist, my primary job is to support and acknowledge people’s negative moods brought on by a variety of factors such as stress, loneliness, or a relationship that has gone awry.  Post-Election Depression is a real thing, it can lead you to feel insecure and my true passion and calling (if the URL of my website…

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Is it possible to prevent relationship problems?

Some of the most rewarding work I do is working with distressed couples to help them become more secure.   While the ending is usually worth it, the process can be rocky.  I often feel as I imagine a boxing referee does; somewhat stressed when partners throw knockout punches, only in therapy there are no gloves.  Angry…

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