Nine signs your anxiety is affecting your dating life negatively

Anxiety and dating are a common combination. You’re excited about meeting that online stranger. But if you have underlying anxiety the process of dating can be exciting but also painful. Anxiety by definition is an emotion characterized by an unpleasant state of inner turmoil. Such turmoil is accompanied by nervous behavior such as pacing back and forth,…

Woman exploring online dating apps similar to online shopping
How Online Dating Apps are Keeping You Single

Could online dating apps be keeping you single? How is this possible? Don’t most people meet online? It’s not the apps themselves but how you approach online dating that may be the problem. I call it the ‘shoppers mindset’ let me explain what it is, and what you can do instead. THE GOAL OF DATING…

chemistry is overrated
Dating | Emotions | Relationships
CHEMISTRY: is it overrated?

Ask any single person what they’re looking for in a relationship invariably they will say they are looking for  ‘CHEMISTRY’ with a partner. Having chemistry in any romantic relationship is important. But have you ever dissected what chemistry between two people actually is? I think CHEMISTRY is OVERRATED. The use of the word ‘chemistry’ to…

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