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Communication Skills | Dating
Stop playing it safe on first dates to get more second dates

Dating often feels like a rollercoaster ride. When it comes to your self-esteem one minute you’re up, the next you’re down. Dating can be ambiguous, you don’t always know where you stand. If you’re anxious, especially on a first date, the tendency is to play it safe. You don’t want your date to know you’re…

confidence in dating
Attachment Theory | Dating
You know confidence is irresistible, here’s how you build yours so you’re more attractive on a date

If you ask anyone what one trait is most irresistible in dating, they will tell you ‘Confidence.’ Confidence screams, ‘I know what I want and I’m not afraid to get it.’  People want to date a confident person. A confident person walks with determination, is approachable and appears happy. Being in a relationship with a…

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What is dating anxiety? Nine signs this might be you

It’s the season to get online, to start the new year re-making your profile, but the thought of dating and putting yourself out there is about as exciting as getting a root canal. You know you have to do it but you hate it anyway. Could it be that you have dating anxiety? Here are…

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