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Bachelor/Bachelorette Musings | Guilty Pleasure
How JoJo the Bachelorette handles bad boys?

JoJo Fletcher is this season’s Bachelorette who appears to have a penchant for bad boys.  If you can relate to JoJo, keep reading to understand how to best handle them. If you’ve been watching  JoJo’s body language with your volume off you can probably guess which bad boy she’s likely to choose in the end.  This season my bet is…

Ben Higgins Bachelor
Bachelor/Bachelorette Musings | Guilty Pleasure
Ben Higgins: Is he an insecure puppy?

It’s Bachelor Finale again and Ben Higgins is proving to be one of the most unusual Bachelors “of all time.” On the last fantasy suite episode Ben told not one, but two of the final contestants, “I love you!” Despite breaking the Bachelor vow of silence, you sense that Ben can’t contain himself. Ben has boosted ABC ratings and is one…

bachelorette, kaitlyn, bristowe
Bachelor/Bachelorette Musings | Guilty Pleasure
Kaitlyn Bristowe: Lessons on jealousy from The Bachelorette

This season’s Kaitlyn Bristowe has polarized Bachelorette fans into two camps: those who think she is the messiah of feminism and those who send her death threats on Twitter. Beyond what social media, Bachelor Nation, and I think of this season, the only people who need to approve of Kaitlyn’s behavior are Kaityln and her fiancé….

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