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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is not only a day to celebrate romantic love; it’s a day to celebrate the loved ones in your life and friends. I’m sending you love from my heart to yours. I apologized to you, my loyal follower because I’ve been out of touch and not blogging lately. I haven’t meant to…

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Does your sweetheart really know you?

Chances are if you are disappointed this Valentine’s holiday one of the most challenging questions you are asking: DOES YOUR SWEETHEART REALLY KNOW YOU? Sure you’re rolling your eyes, you think it’s a silly made up Hallmark holiday or a money making scheme crafted by greedy marketers.  I’m guessing that part of the problem is you’ve…

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Holiday Stress: 6 ways to give the gift of time

It’s the holidays and in between your trip to see Santa at the mall, the tree farm and the office party, you and your partner are proverbial ships passing in the night.  You feel like two of Santa’s elves working different shifts.  It’s hard to feel Secure in Love when the stress of the holidays leaves you…

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