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Article on Mind Body Green: Cuffing season

Exciting news, click here to read my article about Cuffing Season. It was just published on Mind Body Green. If you’ve never heard of cuffing season, neither had I.  Read more to get my unique perspective on the season. Please comment below to let me know whether you are a cuffer, scoffer or a coupler? How you…

Independence Day American Flag
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Celebrate your Independence!

With so much talk about being partnered or coupled, I thought why not focus on the joys of being single and celebrate Independence Day!!! As you know it’s a long holiday weekend and one meant for festivities and fireworks to celebrate our country’s independence. If you’re single, it’s time to celebrate your own independence. With singles outnumbering married Americans, you…

valentines day, single
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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Happy Valentine’s Day!  If you have a special love in your life, enjoy the day, take the time to celebrate your honey and don’t forget to share those special words, “I love you.” February 14th is called St. Valentine’s day honoring a saint named Valentinus. In his day there was an emperor named Claudias who prohibited the marriage…

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