Understanding Your Type

the apple never falls far from the tree
Understanding Your Type
The apple never falls far from the tree: Understanding how you love

You’ve heard the phrase, the apple never falls far from the tree but do you know why and how? As an ‘apple’ you inherited characteristics from both your parents. You learned how to behave by imitating and mimicking your parents. You don’t have control over the tree you came from, but if you learned certain behaviors…

love is like tennis
Communication Skills | Dating | Know your Partner | Understanding Your Type
The one problem killing your relationship

The most common problem that couples report is, ‘poor communication,’  but what does this mean? It’s not often couples have real communication gaps-like one speaks French the other German. The issue is miscommunication; you or your partner don’t feel heard and you don’t know how to fix it? What’s killing your relationships isn’t YOU but…

get your brain in shape for summer
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy | Understanding Your Type
Get Your Brain In Shape For Summer: 5 steps

It’s hard to believe that summer’s here. You’re suddenly aware of your summer wardrobe and how you look in your bikini or swim trunks. You often think about being in good physical shape but have you ever asked yourself, “What kind of mental shape am I in?”  If you’re a chronic worrier or you often…

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