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Article on Mind Body Green: Cuffing season

Exciting news, click here to read my article about Cuffing Season. It was just published on Mind Body Green. If you’ve never heard of cuffing season, neither had I.  Read more to get my unique perspective on the season. Please comment below to let me know whether you are a cuffer, scoffer or a coupler? How you…

Love Style Profile feedback
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Your Love Style Profile; How did I do?

I’m getting great feedback from my quiz and love style profiles, the 3 questions I’m getting are: How did I create my love style quiz and profiles? How do you know me so well? How can I comment on my profile results? 1. How did I create my quiz and profiles?   Before I created my…

blind spots in relationships
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What are your blind spots in your relationships?

All of us have psychological blind spots if you haven’t read specifically what yours are I suggest you take my quiz and get your individual results.  Blind spots are aspects of our personalities that are obvious to everyone but ourselves. You complain to your girlfriend, “I need him to treat me with respect” after having corrected your…

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