Do Opposite Love Styles Attract or attack?
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Do Opposite Love Styles ATTRACT or ATTACK?

 I received this great question from one of my followers: “I’m partnered with someone who is my opposite love style. Are we doomed?”  “Do opposite love styles attract or attack?” I want to break this question into two parts:  PART 1: What does it mean to be with your opposite love style?  PART 2: What…

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Are you in a secure relationship?

Chances are if you’re in a secure relationship you know it. Like your health, when it’s good it’s easy to take it for granted and you don’t think too much about it. But if you find yourself losing sleep, unable to think about much besides the state of your relationship, it might feel as precarious as the…

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Is it possible to prevent relationship problems?

Some of the most rewarding work I do is working with distressed couples to help them become more secure.   While the ending is usually worth it, the process can be rocky.  I often feel as I imagine a boxing referee does; somewhat stressed when partners throw knockout punches, only in therapy there are no gloves.  Angry…

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