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Is it possible to prevent relationship problems?

Some of the most rewarding work I do is working with distressed couples to help them become more secure.   While the ending is usually worth it, the process can be rocky.  I often feel as I imagine a boxing referee does; somewhat stressed when partners throw knockout punches, only in therapy there are no gloves.  Angry…

sex in a relationship
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When to have sex in your relationship?

Sex is an important element to most dating relationships. Sex is what differentiates a romantic relationship from a platonic one. Ask couples who are not having sex if they feel like something is missing and at least one partner is probably unhappy with the state of the union (and I’m not talking about the presidential annual address). Think…

sexual desire in relationships
Relationships | Sex + Sexuality
Sexual desire: differences in men and women

In my last post, I spoke about what it means to be sexy. Let’s dive deeper into how sexual desire differs between men and women. What is sexual desire? You need to understand that female sexual desire is more complicated than male desire. Thinking of the female brain as a sexual organ, the brain is the center of a woman’s emotions…

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