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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today is not only a day to celebrate romantic love; it’s a day to celebrate the loved ones in your life and friends. I’m sending you love from my heart to yours.

I apologized to you, my loyal follower because I’ve been out of touch and not blogging lately.

I haven’t meant to ghost you or ignore you I have good reasons and other ideas how we can keep in touch.

The real reason I haven’t been blogging is that I’ve been busy writing my book. I’ve been busy with edits and revisions.

While I do hope to blog more when I have more time.  I want to suggest a better way we can be in touch.

The best way that we can be in touch is on Social Media. You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as the Back to Love Doc.   Despite changing my brand my website continues to be Secure in Love. 

I post daily tips on dating and relationships, the science of love, empowering reminders and a few laughs.  I’m also been posting weekly commentary on this seasons The Bachelor.  I’m having a blast giving real-world examples of insecure and secure behaviors and giving a crown out each week with examples from my Love Style Quiz. The Bachelor is the show I love to hate it’s my indulgence and now I’ve made it part of my work.

I chose my name the Back to Love Doc for the following reasons::

If you are single: I can help get back to love by coaching you to get back to courtship and back to a simpler time in love. Back to Love means taking control of your love life with today’s dating apps and getting back to what matters and that is real life contacts.

If you are partnered: I help couples get back to love by counseling them to get back to the beginning of your relationship. Back to how you felt when you first met before the stressors of life made you drift apart. Getting back to love with your partner is what couples crave. Back to the way things were when you were in Love and felt more connected to one another. So I hope that you had a wonderful day of Love, but that I can share more love with you every day.

I also am a huge fan of those things that are nostalgic, and getting Back to Love Doc is a little retro, hence my pinup hairdo!

So this Valentines I want to thank you for not breaking up with me, but let’s Get Back to Love, Shall We?



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