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My psychiatrist referred me to Dr. Diane after my wife of twenty years suddenly left me without an explanation. I was “devastated” to say the least, depressed for months.  If Diane wasn’t there to help me I hate to think how I would have managed.  Her patient guidance and strong therapy skills made a difference for me to be able to understand my loss.  When I finally got back into the dating she helped me understand not only how to date, but who might be a good partner for me.  She helped me understand things about myself that I needed to confront and taught me much needed dating skills.  I’m happy to say her suggestions worked.  I met a wonderful woman, and we are moving in together. I often think of all the things I’ve learned about myself in the process and Dr. Diane’s insights that have made all the difference. I can’t say enough about her professional skills and astute insight into how people and relationships work.


My wife and I found Dr. Diane after our fourth attempt at marital therapy.  We were locked into some of our old patterns and were used to arguing with each other both of us wanting to be right.  In our second session we went deep into hearing about each of our pasts and something clicked.  I started understanding that my wife wasn’t really trying to attack me she had some insecurities of her own.  I’m not sure what she calls her work but I’m paying more attention to what my wife needs. We are taking a break from therapy for now, because we have made more progress in only 6 sessions than we had in years.  We are laughing more and enjoying each other the same way we did before we had 3 kids and a lot of stress.  We attribute our success to Dr. Diane and recommend her highly.  Thanks.


I found Dr. Diane online through psychology today.  I was struggling in my marriage, while my husband and I were finally on good footing in our marriage I was hanging on to some past issues, or shall I say “insecurities” that were ugly and were holding me back.  During my first session with Dr. Diane she explained the various love styles, which made perfect sense to me.  While I didn’t want to admit that I am anxious and needy: an Expressive Giver, somehow having this label has made things easier.  When I start to doubt whether my husband loves me, I can hear her in my head asking, “What would a secure person think?” and with that simple question, I can usually come back to reality.  Unlike my last therapist she doesn’t let me just vent but holds me responsible for my end of my marriage.  I only wished I’d found her sooner, would have saved me a lot of worry and self-doubt.


I learned from Dr. Strachowski that change comes from within. It sounds like a cliché, but it’s so true. With her guidance, I learned what was really important to me and what was going to make me happy. I was surprised! The answers weren’t at all what I expected! Dating in your 40s can be a drag, but working with Diane, I learned it could also be fun and fulfilling. I had a blast dating! And then I met a wonderful man who loves me beyond what I ever could have imagined. But the journey didn’t end there. Before we were married, my husband and I turned to Diane for pre-marriage work with our communication that’s helped us avoid major pitfalls in our relationship. We have a wonderful and loving marriage. Thank you, Diane for all your help!


When Dr. Diane called me a “Quiet Cat” I didn’t understand what she meant.  I took her love style quiz and it actually described me to a tee.  The YouTube video was accurate as well.  The more I learned about myself it makes perfect sense; I’m a bit of a nerd so I like the science behind her advice.  As a cat I now understand why having free time and peace are so important to me.  What I have found most helpful is that I’m starting to look at my girlfriend in different ways.  Instead of being annoyed with her for doing certain things, I can see that we are different.  Dr. Diane encouraged me to try to talk and listen to her differently and I’m actually shocked how well it works.  I like how Dr. Diane makes things easy to understand and how quickly her tips work. My girlfriend recognizes my changes and appreciates her as well, Thanks Dr. D.


I went to therapy on my own in an attempt to save my marriage. My wife was frustrated with me and wanted to see me make some significant chances before she was going to work on our marriage. She was frustrated and tired of doing it all alone. I didn’t like the pressure I was under but I think it was good because I’ve been motivated to get to the root of my issues. Dr. Diane has been able to explain to me that to no fault of my parents many of my issues come from my background. I have some habits that are tough to change, like being vulnerable and having more empathy. I’ve been able to try most of the suggestions Dr. Diane has suggested, though she’s had to tell me more than once or twice. I see that my wife is responding to the changes positively. I assure her that now that I know what a secure relationship looks like I would never go back to my old self. She tells me I’m acting like the husband she always wanted. I know it will take her more time to completely relax but I’m working on making our next 20 years better than the first. Thanks, for all your help.


I started working with Dr. Diane at a low point in my life — I was recovering from a serious injury, in a very unhealthy relationship, and struggling with depression. I started feeling emotionally stronger and more balanced after our first session. Dr. Diane does an incredible job of helping me reflect on my actions and thought patterns more objectively, and working with me to problem solve when I encounter obstacles in my life. Since I began working with Dr. Diane, I have become a much more confident and happy version of myself. I ended my unhealthy relationship, and am enjoying dating. My friends have told me this is unusual, but I actually look forward to my sessions with Diane; her dating advice and insight is highly valuable and constructive, and her support has made “getting out there” a lot less intimidating.


I attribute a great deal of my success in dating to the cognitive behavioral therapy techniques I learned with Dr. Diane. She helped me look at some thought patterns I’d had since childhood.  Once I was ready Dr. Diane helped me craft and arrange my profile that attracted my partner.  Many people told me what stood out was how truthful, straightforward and unique my profile was.  My partner and I got married this past spring and I am deeply grateful I worked to make myself a better partner. I highly recommend Dr. Diane.  Her guidance and expertise, not only helped me prepare for the actualities of dating, but also for the development of myself as a partner.  Thank you Dr. D for all your help.


I don’t think I could have gone this path alone.  I contacted Diane as a recommendation from a good friend of mine. I knew immediately that she could help me.  I was coming out of bad divorce and needed help and support.  More than anything I needed to know what happened in my marriage, and how I can avoid it from happening again.  According to Diane’s love style model I am an anxious- puppy type in my relationships.  When she described her theory, I couldn’t believe that she got me so quickly and so many other things fell into place. Dr. Diane helped me get online, and helped me write my profile.  I am having lots of fun on and she’s helping me sort through the men because she can see things I can’t.  I had lots of anxiety dating too so I went on a live Flirting session.  I can’t tell you how much fun I had.  Now I know what I’m doing when I’m out in the city and on dates too.  Diane has explained to me what I’m looking for which is security. She’s been available to help me calm my nerves and always has the perfect thing to say.  I know my guy is out there, this time I’m ready for him.” Thanks Dr. Diane.


I’m a professional man with a high profile in the Bay Area. After being married for 23 years, I wasn¹t prepared for the 21st century dating model, I’d met my wife in college and had no idea how to date. Diane was instrumental in helping me first get grounded in my life – who I am, and who I wanted for my next partner. It was only after working through these areas that I was ready to step out into the dating world. Diane helped me to look at dating as something you have to practice and constantly refine. She also helped me experiment with online dating (without disclosing my identity, which was important to me). I met a terrific woman through a friend and we just returned from an amazing vacation.  This time I’m ready for whatever may come, I’m happier than I can remember. So grateful.


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