Are you single and looking for that special relationship? Are you asking yourself: I’m successful in many areas of my life but when it comes to love I can’t seem to figure it out?

How many times have you asked yourself: isn’t there some type of manual on how to date successfully? Whether you are divorced, widowed, never married, or have been dating for a while you understand how on one hand dating can be fun yet on the other it can be ambiguous and unpredictable.

Reaching out for guidance and support comes from a desire to learn new ways of approaching this often-misunderstood art of successful dating and/or finding a partner. If you are telling yourself things like: “There are no good partner’s out there” or “I can’t handle another heartache” maybe it’s time to reset your thinking and get some outside support from an expert.

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Date Therapy?

Together we will discuss your love style, understand who you are, and what you need and want in a relationship. If you have some past circumstances, which need to be resolved, we can take a closer look and help you move forward. These are the types of barriers that could be blocking you.

You will learn new ways to understand yourself. We will work to uncover your blind spots and teach you a new way to communicate. I will help you find new ways to be secure in yourself and secure in love.

I use only those techniques which have been proven empirically helpful.

When you are in a relationship we will work together to determine fit, communication style and most importantly how to convey with and to your partner your needs and wants for success.

Think about therapy as a commitment to yourself, there is no quick fix. You have established thoughts about relationships and these patterns take awhile to identify and change. If you are single there is no better reward for the investment you make to yourself.

I welcome your inquiry on my inquiry page. Services may or may not be reimburse by your insurance.

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If you are partnered, we can work together in individual or couple’s therapy.

I think of a couple’s relationship similar to a game of tennis. Tennis requires a unique set of skills; being able to serve, hit forehand and backhand shots and rally back and forth. A serve in tennis is a metaphor for being able to ask for what you need and want. A serve is considered “good” when you communicate in a direct way so that your partner can respond. Equally important is an accurate backhand; you must be able to respond to your partner in a way that meets their needs making them feel heard and understood. Couples must be able to rally without either partner smashing the ball or missing a return. A couple can achieve “love” in their relationship when they stop keeping score, making their relationship feel equal as well as playful.

Couples who struggle in their relationship may have some of the above skills but lack others. You may have a great serve but your backhand needs work. Your partner has a great backhand but cannot serve. You both waste a lot of energy trying to figure out mixed messages or you keep missing your shots. It is difficult to see objectively what you are doing because you have established patterns and neither of you can analyze your own shots.

In a secure relationship you anticipate your partner’s shot, you have a natural rhythm and ease. Creating a secure relationship is well worth the effort it takes. I teach couples that once you perfect your communication skills you can also add spice to your game. By having a foundation of trust mixed with novelty you can create a secure relationship that has depth and passion.


Are you part of a couple, and yet your partner is not interested in couple’s therapy or perhaps you want to explore more personal or individualized issues?

No problem, you can still change the dynamic in your relationship by learning to change your own game. As part of your individual work we will work together to uncover your love style, explore your family history and understand what you need and want in order to feel loved and successful in a relationship.

“Get secure with yourself
and you will find love!”


Do you and your partner want to create a secure relationship together?

Terrific, couples therapy may be the best and quickest way to understand each other and to get to the root of your issues. Together you and your partner will learn to understand that differences often have to do with having varying love styles, perspectives and communication patterns. Together couples can learn to recognize and accept their differences while also learning how to repair hurts. I help partners gain confidence in being able to read and respond to each other so you can restore or create a balanced secure relationship.

“It doesn't matter where you start, only where you end;
in a secure relationship”

If you are uncertain whether individual or couples therapy is best for you, send me an inquiry on my contact page and together we can figure out which service is best for you or you and your partner. Both services are possibly reimbursed by your insurance.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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